How Lightroom Classic CC 7.3's New Features Help the Night Photographer

Since Adobe has shifted their products from the old model of owning a piece of software to the more recent pay-per-month lease model, we have seen more frequent updates and upgrades. While many of these updates don’t make a big splash, occasionally we get a real treat. That’s the case with Adobe Lightroom’s most recent release, CC 7.3.

A particular few of these changes make life a little easier and allow some more creative options for the night photographer. We produced a video to help you navigate these changes and to learn how to maximize them for night work. We cover:

  • workflow and editing tools that have been moved to more convenient places
  • the new Adobe Color profile
  • how to use these tools to improve night imagery

Check out the following video to see what Adobe has added to our toolbox, and how night photographers can use these new and recalibrated features to craft powerful imagery!

Tim Cooper is a partner and workshop leader with National Parks at Night. Learn more techniques from his book The Magic of Light Painting, available from Peachpit.