New NPAN eBook Offers 20 Tips for Photographing in the Dark

Here at National Parks at Night, something we’ve often repeated is this: “We love photographing at night, and we also love teaching what we've learned so we all can create inspiring images.” Call it a mantra? Perhaps. A passion? Definitely.

Well, yesterday we took another step in that direction with the release of our ebook, Seize the Night: 20 Tips for Photographing in the Dark. All five of us contributed pointers and images to the book, making it a true team effort that we’re all excited about.

As the title suggests, Seize the Night offers helpful tidbits about working in the dark with your camera, from pointers about technique to suggestions on equipment settings to tricks of playing with lightand much more. We hope the 20 tips and the 21 photographs that illustrate them inspire you to get outside at night and see how far you can push your gear and your creativity.

To get your free copy of Seize the Night, all you need to do is sign up for our email list. You will immediately receive a download link, not to mention our eternal gratitude!

We hope that you enjoy what we’ve put together and that it helps you push the boundaries of your night-photography knowledge and skills.

Seize the night!

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