Do you want to make amazing photos at night in the best locations?

America’s national parks are breathtaking in the daytime, but at night they take on an otherworldly beauty. We hand-craft night photography workshops that provide world-class education both in the classroom and in the field. You’ll be led by two of our five diverse, experienced and enthusiastic instructors. The result is a rich experience full of high-flame education where you get individual attention and awe-inspiring images of natural nocturnal splendor.


ANNOUNCING the 2020 Workshop and Photo Tour Lineup:

2020 Passport Series

Our signature event workshops. We take a deep dive into a national park, and a deep dive into the fundamentals and intricacies of night photography, exploring and photographing some of the most beautiful places that have been set aside for the preservation and enjoyment of all. Involves shooting every night, and at least a partial daytime curriculum of lessons and/or image reviews.

2020 Adventure Series

A workshop or tour that explores one or more of the many inspiring night photography locations in North America. Examples include national monuments, national forests, scenic byways, urban ruins and more. May also include specialty experiences in narrowly defined regions of national parks, or even narrowly defined themes in broader spaces. May or may not involve a formal daytime education component.

2020 Voyager Series

Photography tours outside the United States, often overseas, sometimes far overseas. We endeavor to trek the globe finding beautiful landscapes and fascinating cultures to immerse ourselves in, especially in the dark. International tours usually forgo classroom or formal meeting time in favor of exploration.

2020 Skills Development workshops

Classroom- and education-intensive workshop experiences designed to teach specific skills and goals, such as post-processing, night portraiture and the like. Usually comprises more classroom or studio time, but will always include some amount of shooting.

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