Welcome to the National Parks at Night Blog

Welcome to the official National Parks at Night blog!

Our plan is to fill these World Wide Web pages with inspirational images and educational content on a weekly basis.

Our writers are the same teachers who lead our workshops, so you will find the same night visions online and on our adventures. If you are not familiar with Chris, Gabe, Lance, Matt and Tim, then zip over to the “Your Instructors” section of our website. Between the five of us, we have a wealth of information on national parks and night photography that we look forward to sharing with you.

As you might have heard already, 2016 marks the 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service. Have you ever dreamed of going to every national park? Do you have the passport full of stamps?

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, © Gabriel Biderman

We founded NPAN because we, like you, have loved exploring these amazing places that we have in our backyard. We are thrilled to be hosting five workshops within the park system this year, and it is our goal to offer at least five per year until we have covered every park. We will not be repeating workshops in the same location, at least under the NPAN banner, until we have accomplished this mission! It is a pretty exciting project and we hope that you can join us on one of these adventures.

What makes these workshops so unique? Full immersion into each park we go to. We’ll spend the first day going over the history of the park and what makes it so amazing for photography, and also making sure everyone is up to speed with their night photography skills. And then we live, breathe and spend as much time as possible photographing the park—during the day and the night. Yes, you will even walk away with some pretty spectacular daytime images as well! We’ll definitely have some lecture time, as well as daily critiques, but we want to make sure that you are taking advantage of each park 110 percent!

The conversations are not relegated to just the blog and workshop. NPAN is social! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook! We are constantly scouring the web for inspirational night work as well as sharing some of our key nocturnal tips! In fact, in February we will be kicking off a weekly series called Top Shots. Use #seizethenight and post your favorite night images on FB, Twitter or Instagram and we will choose a weekly image every Sunday to give kudos and critique. Send yours today!

Gabriel Biderman is a Brooklyn-based fine art and travel photographer, and author of Night Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots (Peachpit, 2014). During the daytime hours you'll often find Gabe at one of many photo events around the world working for B&H Photo’s road marketing team. See his portfolio and workshop lineup at www.ruinism.com.

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