NPAN to Lecture at B&H OPTIC Conference June 5-8 in NYC

We are honored to join B&H on-stage for the second annual OPTIC Imaging Conference and Tradeshow about Travel, Outdoor & Wildlife Photography.

On June 6 (Day Two) at 3:45pm, all five of our instructors will be presenting:

Night Visions of National Parks

Description: Ever wanted to come away from an experience in a National Park with outstanding and unique images? The NPAN teams takes to the OPTIC stage at once; Gabriel Biderman, Tim Cooper, Matt Hill, Lance Keimig, and Chris Nicholson, all diverse night photographers and educators, as they explore options for finding your clearest and most creative voice in America's natural wilderness–at night.

So please RSVP (it's free!) and join us live and in person, or from anywhere in the world via the LiveStream.

You can also visit us at a table during the open trade show hours to chat about night photography & national parks or to browse the books our educators have to offer. Drop by for a free NPAN sticker and tell us you read about it here.

And don't forget to RSVP and attend the Nikon-sponsored Dinner Party and Cocktail reception on the evening of June 5th. Details here.

See more about Matt's photography, art, workshops and writing at Follow Matt on Twitter Instagram Facebook.

Upcoming workshops from National Parks at Night

NPAN + Nikon + B&H + Brooklyn Bridge = Epic Day of Night Photography!

Last Wednesday, National Parks at Night ran our first-ever major event, an epic day in New York City that included five lectures, a panel discussion and a two-hour night-photography walk in one of NYC’s hottest and most intriguing spots for photography.

B&H Photo was an awesome host, providing their great Event Space and handling all the logistics. Nikon sponsored the whole day and night and provided some of their best new gear for participants to use. And Manfrotto was there at night too, providing additional support (figuratively and literally!).

The B&H Event Space full of people interested in seizing the night!

The B&H Event Space full of people interested in seizing the night!

The B&H Event Space hosted the afternoon session, which comprised all of the talking. The house was packed with over 80 people filling the seats and a few dedicated stragglers standing in the back for four hours. We couldn’t have been more happy with the turnout—we greatly appreciate how many people came to B&H to hear us talk about this topic we love so much, and we were thrilled that so many photographers are interested in this dynamic niche of our industry and artform.

We presented five back-to-back lectures that covered:

  • Essential gear for night photography (Gabriel Biderman)
  • Scouting national park locations for photo shoots (Chris Nicholson)
  • Creating visual distinction in your work (Lance Keimig)
  • Best practices and creative effects of light-painting (Tim Cooper)
  • How to get the most out of a workshop experience (Matt Hill)

Afterward, Deborah Gilbert of the Event Space moderated a half-hour panel discussion about night photography. Both she and the audience had some great questions. We particularly liked getting into the philosophy of why the night-photography niche is so intriguing and so creatively inspiring.

Also, the front of the Event Space was decorated with 20x30 prints of our night images provided by Digital Silver Imaging. We couldn’t have been more happy with how it all looked—they do fantastic work!

Tim talks light painting with the Event Space crowd.

Tim talks light painting with the Event Space crowd.

Videos of the lectures will be posted on the B&H YouTube channel in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our website and social media, as well as the Event Space Twitter feed—we’ll be sure to announce as soon as they’re published.

From there, everyone headed to the photo walk in Brooklyn, where we emerged from the subway in a rainfall. Despite the precipitation, more than 60 photographers attended. And their patience paid off. The weather cleared only ten minutes into the program, leaving behind a wet sheen to all the foreground elements of Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Dumbo neighborhood’s waterfront.

We set up five shooting and education stations:

  • Gabe and Chris were positioned at spots looking over the East River at the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, respectively, advising on composition and focusing
  • Lance worked with participants on exposure at a calm, rocky shore at the edge of the park
  • Tim helped people with composition and camera settings on a point of land right under the Manhattan Bridge
  • Matt led participants through working with a Pixelstick, a great and fun light tool for night photography
One of the fabulous images we saw created during the evening, showing the shores of the East River with the Manhattan Bridge stretching toward the bright lights of the big city. © 2016 Marco Catini, .

One of the fabulous images we saw created during the evening, showing the shores of the East River with the Manhattan Bridge stretching toward the bright lights of the big city. © 2016 Marco Catini,

Nikon’s JC Carey also attended the walk, bringing a caseload of Nikon lenses and bodies for people to borrow and use during the evening, including the amazing Nikon D750. JC was great working with everyone. He's always high-energy, charismatic and knows anything you want to ask him about Nikon gear.

Manfrotto came to the walk too, bringing tripods for participants to use. We’re very grateful to both companies, as they made the experience for everyone even better by providing access to some of the best new gear by two of the industry’s elite brands. So a huge thank you to Nikon and Manfrotto, and of course to B&H. We couldn't have pulled this off without the topnotch support and collaboration from all of you.

Flagged from behind by Matt's Pixelstick is the portion of the photo walk crowd who stayed until the end of the night. Photo © 2016 JC Carey.

Flagged from behind by Matt's Pixelstick is the portion of the photo walk crowd who stayed until the end of the night. Photo © 2016 JC Carey.

All in all, it was a great day. So many people came up to us to say how much they learned, or how much fun they had. Both of those sentiments are exactly what we were hoping to provide: We want people to learn more about night photography so they have the same great experience we do when we head into the dark with our cameras.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made our event so special. If you couldn’t make it to this one, stayed tuned—we will definitely do this again!

Chris Nicholson is the author of Photographing National Parks (Sidelight Books, 2015). Learn more about national parks as photography destinations, subscribe to Chris' free e-newsletter, and more at

Upcoming workshops from National Parks at Night

National Parks at Night’s First Official Event is Going to be EPIC!

We are very excited to be hosting our first gathering of all five NPAN instructors on March 16 at the B&H Event Space from 1-5 p.m. and 7-9 p.m.: "Night Photography Panel and Night Walk With National Parks at Night Sponsored by Nikon."

Chris, Lance, Matt, Tim and I have been building the foundation of NPAN for nearly a year, and this is one of the events that we wanted to share with you from the beginning!

This will not be your typical seminar. Each one of us will spend about 30 minutes discussing a specific topic about night photography, and then we will open the floor for an hour to answer your questions in a no-holds-barred panel discussion.

It would be crazy to get us all together and not do any hands-on instruction, so after we’ve filled you full of words and visions we will take it to the streets … or at least to Brooklyn Bridge Park!

That’s right, starting at 7 p.m. we will set up five shooting stations for you to try out different night photography techniques at one of the most scenic spots to photograph in New York City.

We’d like to give a big shout out to Nikon for sponsoring this event. We are all big fans of their cameras and glass, and Nikon will join us at Brooklyn Bridge Park where you’ll be able to try out a selection of their gear.

Need a better tripod to steady those long exposures? Manfrotto will be there too, and they’ll have loaner tripods for you to use during our night walk.

This lectures and discussion panel booked to capacity in just a few days, but that doesn't mean you can't be part of it! You can still get on the wait list by arriving at the Event Space 15-30 minutes beforehand. And if you can’t attend, you can still watch laterB&H will be recording the “classroom” aspect of the day and publishing it to their YouTube channel later.

As for the night portion, as of last night the Event Space is taking registrations for that separately, and as of right now there are still slots available. Check out "Night Photography Photo Walk With National Parks at Night" for more information and to register. I recommend signing up immediately, because this will book up fast too!

Seize the Night!

Gabriel Biderman is a Brooklyn-based fine art and travel photographer, and author of Night Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots (Peachpit, 2014). During the daytime hours you'll often find Gabe at one of many photo events around the world working for B&H Photo’s road marketing team. See his portfolio and workshop lineup at


New NPAN eBook Offers 20 Tips for Photographing in the Dark

New NPAN eBook Offers 20 Tips for Photographing in the Dark

Here at National Parks at Night, something we’ve often repeated is this: “We love photographing at night, and we also love teaching what we've learned so we all can create inspiring images.” Call it a mantra? Perhaps. A passion? Definitely.

Well, yesterday we took another step in that direction with the release of our ebook, Seize the Night: 20 Tips for Photographing in the Dark. All five of us contributed pointers and images to the book, making it a true team effort that we’re all excited about.