Frequently Asked Questions

HAVE you done this before?

Between the five of us, we've taught over 300 workshops. Yup!

Nope There are over 50 National Parks in America alone. We believe there is not enough time to go the the same places over and over. We want to explore, and bring new opportunities to you – especially for lesser-traveled hidden gems. Each location is a once-only experience unique to that time and place and especially that group of people.

Will you ever teach at _______ location again?

What is included?

Your night photography workshop includes all lectures, critique and instruction in the parks, unless otherwise noted on the workshop page. 

What is not included?

You are responsible for travel to and from the workshop, lodging, meals and properly equipping yourself for success.

What should I know prior to attending a workshop?

At the very least, you should be comfortable using your camera in manual mode. If you have some or much experience shooting at night, including focusing, exposure and more it will only help. Photography newcomers are welcome to contact us for private night-photo lessons prior to committing to a workshop. 

Our workshops are intended for people who are comfortable with their equipment, and with capturing raw files in Manual exposure mode. Night photography experience is not explicitly necessary.

Those who have extensive experience shooting at night will find our workshops challenging, stimulating, and inspiring.

What Skill Level should I be when attending a workshop with you?

There is no strict curriculum and our instructors will tailor your workshop to the conditions and landscape. Nonetheless, you may learn any or all of the following: 

  • light painting
  • controlling the ratio between ambient and added light
  • star points / Milky Way exposures
  • star trails / long exposures
  • night portraiture 

We firmly believe in  helping you develop your own personal vision for night photography and look to help you create unique images that have deep personal meaning.

A lot of effort is put into making modular and constructive learning - meaning you will get the building blocks to assemble all the skills needed to execute a great photography, while also working on how to find the best visual opportunities and apply your own "fingerprint" to the scene.

We also spend a lot of time in discussion. Questions are encouraged, as well as curious mind and willingness to take creative risks. We'll help you grow into a new understanding of your capabilities, as well as that of you gear.

What things can I expect to learn at your workshops?

How do I register for a workshop?

Find a workshop on our calendar and instructions on how to register for that workshop will be listed there. we usually use Eventbrite for all workshop registrations, and these are specific links to specific events we set up ourselves. Questions? Email us at

What gear should I bring?

We will provide a very detailed list of recommended gear before every workshop. But in brief, you will need a camera that can take quality long exposures (digital and/or film), a sturdy tripod, lots of extra batteries, a reliable intervalometer or cable release and flashlights. See more of our gear here.

Can I affect what you choose next?

Absolutely! Drop us a line at and let us know what interests you the most and why.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Updated 1/8/2017

First off, we're glad you asked. We hope you would only be considering canceling if an emergency comes up! And we know those happen. If you are reading this because you are in a situation, we sincerely hope everything works out.

Workshop content may change from that advertised based on weather, access to shooting locations, and other unforeseen situations. We have to roll with variables that are not under our control. Whenever possible, registered students will be notified ahead of time of any changes. National Parks at Night (NPAN) reserves the right to cancel any program that does not meet minimum participant requirements, in which case participants will be informed as soon as possible and all money will be refunded. NPAN is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of a course cancellation. We encourage participants to purchase refundable airline tickets and consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance.


  1. All cancellation requests must be received by email.
    Please email using this link:
  2. Deposits are due when you register. Remaining Balance is due 60 days prior to workshop start date.
  3. There are no exceptions. Logistics for workshops are complicated, and these rules exist to ensure we have time to arrange everything for our attendees.

For cancellations received in writing 91 or more days prior to the workshop start date:
NPAN refunds tuition paid to date, less a $50 processing fee per ticket.

For cancellation requests received in writing 61-90 days prior to the start of the workshop:
NPAN refunds tuition paid to date, less a $100 processing fee per ticket

For cancellations received 60 days or fewer prior to the start of the workshop:
NPAN retains full tuition.

For cancellations after the workshop is in progress:
NPAN retains full tuition.

For no-shows:
NPAN retains full tuition.

Refunds will be processed within 30 days after our office receives email notice of cancellation. Note: once processed, refunds may take 5 to 10 days to appear on your credit card statement.

How to count days prior to a workshop?
Use this handy link and enter a negative number (e.g. -91, -61, -60): 

Need to cancel? Email us ASAP at

    No. National Parks at Night (NPAN) is not affiliated with or an agent of the National Parks Service (NPS). We are an independent group of photographers and educators who deeply appreciate and admire natural beauty. We choose to explore as much of this as possible in as many places with a select group of night photography enthusiasts. 

    Do you work for the National Parks Service?

    Not often, but we always put a note in the section indicating when the update happened. We reserve the right to make changes anytime without notice (that's a legal disclaimer), but keep in mind we are customer-first and will always strive to provide timely notice to our customers and list members when appropriate.

    How often do you update this page?