B&H Exclusive Discounts

B&H offers a selection of gear discounts exclusively for NPAN students and alumni. Use the links below to order. During checkout, use code "NPAN17" to receive your discount.

These discounts are private and exclusive. Please don't ever share the code or this link, because you earned access by being part of our group of adventurous learners.

* These discounts cannot be combined with other discounts except rebates. Discounts good until November 14, 2017.



10 percent off purchase of:

Vello ShutterBoss II Timer Remote Switch (for most camera brands/models)



10 percent off purchase of:

Ruggard RTC-10 Timer-Remote Case for Tripods


Tether Tools

5 percent off purchase of:

Tether Tools Case Relay Camera Power System



Lens-Specific Discounts Below

IRIX Blackstone 15mm f/2.4 lens (for Nikon, Pentax or Canon) — $50 off

IRIX Firefly 15mm f/2.4 lens (for Nikon, Pentax or Canon) — $25 off